To-do lists on paper can be quite cumbersome, a dilemma I’ve faced for the past several years. I have always had a “daily” to-do list that helped me manage my day and to ensure that I actually accomplished what I needed to. The problem was I was using paper and I had years worth of stored notepads full of old to-do lists. I never threw them away because I always found them useful when referencing how productive I’ve been and tracking my success (or lack thereof!).

Being that I’m a savvy web developer and entrepreneur it dawned on me that an online to-do list web app would be a fantastic solution; this essentially birthed the idea of, which is an easy to use “daily” online to-do list app. I emphasize daily because people tend to think of to-do lists in terms of subject matter and not time. For example someone may have a to-do list of “pack for vacation” and have listed all the items they need to bring for their vacation, this is definitely useful in categorizing to-do items for a specific goal but doesn’t tackle the issue of helping you navigate through your daily required actions of which without writing them down, you’re sure to forget an item or two.

The benefits of a “daily” to-do list is that you don’t procrastinate on when you get things done. Everything in today’s to-do list should be done today and by default will carry over any left-over items to the next day! This way those pesky little to-do items will be front and center till you either complete them or decide to trash them. still has a long ways to come and I’m always open for feedback at In the current queue are recurring to-do list items and text-message alerts. One of the greatest perks here is that its free, so please feel free to give it a test drive.